Strapless Drawstrings Push Up Bra

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This bra is a game changer : No need for annoying straps, just pull the drawstrings to give you a fab bust for those backless strappy dresses and plungy tops.

Our adhesive bras come with surgical-quality re-usable adhesive on the inside of the cups – the bra can be peeled off and worn several times. With significant silicone on the inside, our bras will give additional depth to your breasts.

Outer: Nylon & Spandex
Inner: Silicone

Size Chart:

A= 70/32A 70/32B 75/34A
B= 70/32C 75/34B 80/36A 80/36B
C= 70/32D 75/34C 8/36C 85/36A 85/36B
D/DD= 70/32E 75/34D 75/34E 80/36D 85/36C 85/36D

*Buy 2 Get 1 Free price applies on same color and size. Please make sure to choose Buy 2 Get 1 Free option when claiming the deal.

Package includes:

1 x Women Invisible Bra

*Shipping takes 1-3 weeks for US and 2-6 weeks for International orders

*Returns not accepted on undergarments due to hygiene reasons

*We don’t recommend the use of adhesive bras beyond 36D/36DD/34E

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