We Offer Two Step Purchase

We prefer customers to remain satisfied. One of the important element of purchase behaviour is the easiness which it gives to the customers. Online stores are created to help customers find some seconds out of their busy schedule and order something directly to their home.

We make sure that the whole process gets done through easy means. Thus, we give a product catalog, and after adding the product to the cart on the next page one can provide the “Billing Details” and then “Credit Card” details and press submit. So in two step the product has been reserved to be shipped by Cheapsome directly to your door step.

The Most Important Thing While Purchasing Online

A lot of online platforms are offering products. The customers are new often and some people are early adopters so they know they must try out these things, while the others being late adopters are the one which come late.

Both the group of people, are going to use the online platform to order something. They purchase online because they want things to get to their home.

The most important factor which plays an important role is the payment procedure. The store might steal your credit card or PayPal logins if you are not aware of how the things work.

Always make sure that the store where you are going to place the order is using some kind of good payment gateway. Because you don’t want your credit card to get into trouble.

We at Cheapsome are using Shopify and PayPal payment method and gateway to let visitors process payment with ease and security.

We also use SSL to encrypt the data transfer between the client and the server so that no intruder may steal information. Our security experts want to create long term business so they make sure no ill activity happens.